Are Rodents Gnawing At Your Shoes?

There is a psychological component to dealing with pests when they enter your home. It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to recognize the signs of potential infestations from rats and mice as well as take ownership of the fact that they have to initiate the first step in cleansing their home of any of these animals. Whether we are talking on a done-for-you basis or do-it-yourself, you need to take responsibility for your home.

Now, what are some signs of rat infestation? Well, certainly one would be their feces. If those are around, the animals certainly are. It’s also an implied fact that these rodents are being fed from some source which can only further their survival and increase the amount of time they are frequenting culinary sources and ultimately, your home if you see them there.

That’s one of the first warning signs of rats, and you’ll have to begin a careful examination in the corners or baseboards of your home for these droppings. Now, they can be anywhere from half an inch to three quarter inches in size depending upon the varying species, and it’s an entire range that is contingent on breed, ancestry, relative history of these types of items. These are the warning signs that generally can spark recognition of the issue.

Gnawing is also evidence of these animals. They will bite through so much basically anything including metal, glass, and plastic containers. If you see marks on your food boxes or sacks that resemble some chew marks, a mouse or a rodent infestation becomes a near certainty at that point. If you happen to have a pet, food bags or boxes should be inspected as well. Particularly, anything that has meaty smells. That, of course, are very much correlated when you own a dog or a cat.