Why Rodents Can Move Through Small Openings

Unlike a lot of mammals, and this is fascinating, its skull is not plated together. That is a monumental advantage that makes a living and a life squeezing through surfaces.

Literally, and if you want to imagine this as a visual in your mind, these rats can change the shape of their head and squeeze through almost any small opening as a result. They can literally alter the structural integrity of their skull and then get to where they have to go. It’s a fascinating development that not many mammals can boast in comparison.

Interestingly, they are able to leap about four feet laterally. In terms of mortality, they live about one year, that’s it, that’s the average lifespan in most cases and breeds for a rat. One year, traveling more than 60 feet from where they were born. Can you imagine how vastly different the human and rat life is, that you live in a world where you don’t go 600 feet away from where you were born and that’s your entire life. That’s the life of a rat.