Norway Rats vs. Brown Rats: What’s the Difference?

Rats are a little bit less than original once they found something that works. They stick to the axiom of if it’s not broken don’t fix it, because if it works for them they’re just going to keep on using it until otherwise, they need to create a new way.

Interestingly, the animals borrow underground in many cases, or craft some nests in suitable material that’s soft enough to provide comfort for them, but sturdy enough to maintain its structural integrity when they lay down, get up and move around their manufactured home. They may reside with a small group of other rats in each nest. There’s a bit of a family there developing at this point if this is the case.

The Norway rats prefer to live either at ground level or below. One of the ways you’ll know you have a brown rat is if you find 30 to 50 in one colony. Let me tell you something, they are building up a little tribe underneath your basement if that’s the case for you. They are strategic of course in reference again to the food source, living 100 to 400 feet away from their primary culinary source.

That is telling in many ways, one, they are strategic, you have to give them that. They know very well where their source of survival is and they will plant their roots accordingly. As well, if you find the home, house, happy place for the rats. You know that about [inaudible 00:18:43] throw away is the food that entice them to put their base there in the first place.

Some other tendencies of these creatures are that they can squeeze through holes and gaps that are incredibly small. As you may have heard, it doesn’t take much to get a rat through any surface.