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Hornets, Bees & Wasps

When Bees, Hornets and Wasps feel threatened, they become aggressive and can sting. While most stings do not cause any no long-term damage, the pain from stings can be intense and people that are allergic may have serious medical reactions.


When a person is stung they can expect to feel Intense pain, the area around the sting becomes reddish and begins to swell up.


The most obvious signs of a winged pest infestation is their presence and the presence of nests.


The first step in fixing your winged pest problem control is to identify the pest. Once that is determined, your pest management professional will provide a customized treatment plan to remove the bees, hornets or wasps from your property. While sometimes possible, it usually is not recommended to attempt any do-it-yourself removal of these pests.



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