The Diseases Rats Carry

Pick it up, expose themselves to it as in holding it, looking at it, observing it, moving it around in their hands which is only further lathering then with whatever germs could be on the rat. Then distributing that into the house by bringing it without the walls of your home unknowingly, because this is an innocent act of youth, yet, one to be very concerned over especially when these pathogens can carry bacteria that include anything ranging from E. coli, to salmonella and leptospira.

What can those things do if we were to just break down the jargon. We’ve heard of E. coli and salmonella, but what are the byproducts and negative results of those? They can cause Trench fever, Carrion disease, cat scratch disease to the point where you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, you’re itching every other moment. This bacteria, the more you penetrate into your skin by scratching it, the deeper they can get into your body and the harder it will be to remove these things.

They can be spread in so many ways, whether it’d be through the feces, or urine or saliva of the rats themselves. Which is why, unless you’re a trained professional, do not without a minimum of strong gloves even approach a saliva-based liquid or the feces and urine of rats, unless it’s strictly for the purposes of disposal, and you know in advance that you have prepped yourself for what could be a fairly contaminated sample of items, avoid it. Call your local pest control expert.

Not only will they clean it up, because by cleaning up those items you take a little bit of the peace of individual out of rats by knowing, “I can’t come here now anymore because everything is being moved, I would have thought that I could have some calm rest here but instead, no.”


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